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Les Coups de Cœur à Chantilly 22.09.2023

Les Coups de Cœur à Chantilly” presents a weekend with Martha Argerich and Friends broadcasted by Medici.Tv


Hebrew Melody by J.Achron with pianist Theodosia Ndokou
Baal Shem II “Nigun by E.Bloch with pianist and artistic director Iddo Bar-Shai
Liebesleid, Schön Rosmarin and “Sicilienne” von Paradise by F.Kreisler with pianist Martha Argerich

Full program 

Alissa Margulis violin Lyda Chen Argerich viola Edgar Moreau cello Stephen Kovacevich piano Mozart: Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat major Edgar Moreau cello Iddo Bar-Shai piano Debussy / Heifetz: “Beau soir” (Beautiful Evening) Martha Argerich piano Stephen Kovacevich piano Debussy: En blanc et noir for two pianos Debussy: Lindaraja for two pianos Intermission Tehila Nini Goldstein soprano Iddo Bar-Shaï piano Traditional Hebrew melodies to be specified Tehila Nini Goldstein soprano Theodosia Ntokou piano Hemsi : Sephardic verses (Judeo-Spanish melodies) – extracts – FRENCH PREMIERE Geza Hosszu Legocky violin Martha Argerich piano Bloch: Baal Shem II. Nigun Achron: Hebrew melody Achron: Hebrew dance


  • Martha Argerich,
  • Alissa Margulis,
  • Lyda Chen Argerich,
  • Edgar Moreau,
  • Stephen Kovacevich,
  • Tehila Nini Goldstein,
  • Iddo Bar-Shaï,
  • Theodosia Ntokou,
  • Geza Hosszu Legocky